The world of communication and messaging has entirely swamped our lives and everyday activities. I believe it’s why we originally joined the internet. I remember a time when services like AOL and CompuServe provided life-changing experiences, only to be finished and diminished by the ever-growing browser world of I.E Chrome and Firefox. Let’s be honest: most people utilize websites like,,, with the occasional request of diving into something new like Simply put, the internet is outdated. The ad revenue model that infiltrates these networks, privacy concerns, and the fact that these social networks have perverted the way we function or communicate today, are being exploited. The days of surfing the internet for information with the www prefix and web browsers are going to be obsolete sooner or later. Many of the competitors previously listed, have been around longer than 10 years and surely they will not exist in 2025?

Exit VCRs (what we know today about the web and information)

Enter DVDs (what we offer and what the world still needs to grip)

We have launched a prototype online that emulates the inside of a computer; for example, windows and Mac both have a console? Terminal? (the black screen you type the commands in)? So does our website.

What if we changed the way we gripped and received our information? What if we separated the world into regular people and… advanced people (people and users who know how to user the computer and net faster, better, stronger). You see right now we are all part of the same internet, one world, advanced, kids, parents, etc.

What if we introduced a terminal console with a GUI which that allowed chat, messaging, gaming (with your actual computer specs, not web or flash internet games) full video that never was compressed (well, is it not true that you must compress via 3rd party, ie. YouTube, Vimeo, email, every time you want to upload video), an online full-fledged connected radio (like Pandora but just for this network), an entire file-sharing system so that you can serve files to users (games, apps, docs, etc.), fully searchable system, the first of its kind which, if you would like, would allow you to find Chris Smith (Go try that on any network: good luck!!).

Our network is the first which will allow eye-color or hair-color likes, dislikes, etc. Finding Chris Smith is as easy as 1.2.3.

We are building the world’s first Social Operating System which grows from users and additions, and we are changing the way we use the computer. We are banking on the fact that people will love to receive breaking news, viral information — in an ad-less world, created by people, active on everyone’s computer, and downloaded through a set of tools.. They want to use us because they want to connect!! There are so many more features. For instance, API Facebook and twitter and browser here is example from this console or terminal you can literally do..

Update Facebook man what a great time
Update Twitter check me out here #here

These commands just updated Facebook, Twitter and launched a browser for Our startup answers questions with reasoning like:

• How much Junk mail do you get?
• When have people of importance ever been able to use social media?
• Name one place every person is a member of?
• How can you find people like Chris Smith on other networks?
• Why do you have to wait for answers to your interests via #hashtags <—why can’t those be instant chat rooms like back in the day?
• Why do people get to snoop and see your public profile?
• What if you hate ads?
• What if you want to remain private?
• What if you want to be anonymous?
• What if you wanted to create an app or game and it was not suitable for the ITUNES or ANDROID?
• When is the last time you had fun online?
• Why do we have to do everything through www. or http:// Why do browsers run our everyday lives?
• Why do startups have to be a website even or app? Why can they not be a full-fledged desktop program? What is the most bad-ass thing you have ever used?
• SOFTWARE not MOBILE APPS OR FLASH GAMES: What are we going to use in 2020?
Why do all networks introduce the ad revenue model?
• Why is everyone who acts like innovators just thinking about the WEB AS WWW. OR HTTP:// OR THE BROWSER??

There is so much more, I could go on forever about why people need this system or invention.. It’s a whole hell of a lot better than snapping a pic, or texting on a ghost app.

Eat your heart out Silicon Valley and SOCIAL GIANTS — HERE WE COME!!!