Do you remember getting 100 free hours with an annoying packaging in your mail from AOL? What about the keeping phone lines being tied up? Do you remember seeing content that you read and view now being served to you on a silver platter within these networks? Do you remember these times?

While offering this highly organized content, these networks championed themselves on offering endless amounts of features and possibilities within their respective spaces. The problem was that the internet and web was just beginning its journey while domains and browsers were barely meeting each other and going out to lunch for some of the first dates in which would become a long lasting marriage later on in the years to come.

This vision of connecting everyone was a very good idea indeed but the technology (dial up being a good example) and timing was off just a tad bit. It was in a sense way ahead of it’s time and nobody felt the need to continue to scale the applications to what could have became a massive empire today withstanding and battling the all time (only way to really surf) mega giant product called the “browser”. There are many forms of the browser now days..

– Internet Explorer
– Safari
– Google Chrome
– Mozilla Firefox
– Other misc.

Our vision of the future of the web and internet starts from the love and addiction of how these networks pulled the strings of our hearts being able to deliver chat rooms, messaging, email, video + more. As operating systems progress growing with more technology along with APIs & numerous other web programming languages amazing things are able to be pulled off utilizing the “browser” technology.

Imagine what could happen if we re visit the desktop possibility of serving digital content in an open source world connecting and plugging into the tech being created everyday (AI, IOT, VR). Simply put the possibilites are endless.

Welcome to notospy.com.