Encryption startups are appearing all over the internet. According to the EFF Surveillance Self-Defense Project, encryption is the “process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it.” Although an encrypted message can still be intercepted, encryption prevents the message content from displaying openly. The desire for encryption is sweeping the world as people grow tired of sharing their information with the universe, allowing anyone to find out nearly anything about you. The days of social networks being full-blast open, and available for strangers to stumble upon, are numbered. How many stories have we’ve heard about people getting terminated from their jobs because they were doing XYZ on their favorite social network?

As far as which social networks..I don’t think we have to name them 😉

This world of “encryption” is a beautiful alternative to having your life streamed and blasted to the public. Instead, encryption provides a more private arena, by providing an on/off (public/private) type of switch so the exact conversation, email, or message gets directly to the person you wish to interact with. Celebrities and important people of our day and age can have a life on the internet again! Name one network or place where these people of important stature can currently share their most inner private thoughts to their family and loved ones without the interruption of promos or fans missing out on their latest happenings.

Simply put, the majority of these VIP users primarily use social networks for promotional and marketing purposes.

Now, without further ado, let us introduce “AI” (artificial intelligence). What is it? Wikipedia tells us artificial intelligence (AI) is “the intelligence exhibited by machines or software.” AI can also be used to describe the academic field of study that explores how to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior. In layman’s terms, AI occurs when a computer can perform logical solutions to problematic situations or respond with a set of “humanized” actions. On our notospy network, we are making a marriage of encryption and AI, designed to form an everlasting relationship.

The stale and lame social networks to which we once devoted so much of our time will probably be extinct by 2025.